Pricing a Dream Home

Price Options

Option 1 - Project Purchase

The land and approved project is for sale for €160,000 Euros

The site is already served with water and electricity services (use of which being subject to utility contacts) which would allow for on-site temporary living during the build.

There are a number of companies in the Algarve providing mobile homes and/or timber buildings for this approach.

Option 2 - Project Build

We are experienced Project Managers and could oversee the completed project on behalf of a client. With access to a team of Architects, Builders and Trades Persons that have completed numerous project within the area, we have the experience to deliver the 'dream home'

The actual cost of the completed project would depend on the quality of fittings that the client selects. To give an indication (non-committal) the completed property could be built with quality fittings for an estimated €240,000+ with a completed property value of circa €500,000

Typical financing of this approach would be in 3 stage payments:


  • commence building of foundations, ground services, basement, all floors and walls.

  • complete roof, all rendering, fit windows and doors, first fit out of electricity and plumbing

  • Complete fit out, issuing of habitation license, Project completion.